Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

This is to give credit to the people that have contributed to my blog. Thanks guys!


“The Durf” Logo – Jordan Otteson


International Clarity Series

Vietnam – Chi Nguyen

New Zealand – Pauline Durfee

New Zealand – Chandler Brown

South Africa – Casey Mangan

Mexico – Diva Garcia

Colombia – Jonathon Rickords

Guatemala – Mariana Rodriguez

Peru – Hannah Cabrera

Mexico – Sear Rodriguez


Getting me a URL, helping me figure out hosting, showing me the ropes on themes, and being very supportive of my attempts to do cool things – Mark Madsen

Want To Get On The Wall?

I’m always happy to integrate contributions and give you the credit! Here’s how to get in on the action:

Write for International Clarity

See here for the details.

Contribute Original Images

Making my own images is fun and all (I actually find very little personal joy in it), but I would love to put your work up here instead! If you’re interested in having your handiwork featured on the site, contact me so we can coordinate the kinds of images I will need in upcoming posts. I’m open to drawings, paintings, photos, graphics, comics (like your comic, Dallin) or whatever.


I do not necessarily endorse the thoughts, opinions, or statements of blog contributors. Blog contributors do not endorse in any way anything beyond their own content.