Meditating on Machu Pichu in Peru



I did an internship of sorts in Iquitos and Piura, Peru during the summer of 2013. I also studied abroad in Jerusalem during the winter of 2015.

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Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion in Japan

Trip to Japan

Trip to Japan, Day 1 We woke up at ~1:30am to start our adventure to Japan (why did we even sleep?) After getting ready, we caught an Uber to the airport, making it by ~3:00am. ...
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Close up of The David by Michelangelo

Trip to Italy

Day 1 After a brief layover in Munich, Janet and I began our Italian adventure in Venice. We walked a few minutes from the airport to the boat terminals, since the original (and interesting) part of Venice ...
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New Zealand Trip Header with Maoris

Trip to New Zealand

Day 1 After my aunt and uncle picked up Janet and I from the airport, our first stop in New Zealand was a public park called One Tree Hill. I knew that sheep heavily outnumber ...
Community Service in Noe

Peru Post 9: Community Service

Garbage in Peru I was talking with one of the volunteers with Help International who did a good job expressing how Yankees normally feel when they first get to Piura.  She said that upon leaving ...

Peru Post 5: Regal Visit

During this last week, I had the chance to meet Jan Felix, the President of Eagle Condor.  He was in Piura primarily to work with the university on some medical related things that Eagle Condor ...
Monkeys as a spectacle in Peru

Peru Post 3: The Spectacle

Recently, I went to the local natural preserve area (zoo), called Quistococha.  I saw some monkeys (including escaped monkeys,) an anaconda, a bunch of Pumas, and quite a few animals I had never heard of ...
Alligator in Peru wanting

Peru Post 2: The Wanting

I’m still out in Peru!  This post sort of sprang out as a result of my conversations with the people here and thinking about development.  You won’t necessarily learn a lot more about Peru, but ...
Peru Trip boating on the Amazon

Peru Trip Post 1

Right now I’m in Iquitos, Peru.  I’m doing an evaluation for an organization called Eagle Condor, helping set them up to be able to tell which parts of their program are important at helping people ...
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