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Just for Fun


Not all of my posts are serious.  Sometimes I just want to tell a long joke or share something silly just for fun.  Here they are in reverse chronological order.

Fun Posts
Salter in the Snow header

Salter in the Snow

I try to show kindness toward everyone, but I often wonder if I have some sort of inner-barbarian that needs to rage upon a victim. I won’t let the barbarian pillage any villages, so he ...
Fun Posts
Lines of code Universal Language

Universal Language

I was talking with one of my friends out here in Peru who studied information systems at a university.  We talked a little bit about how coding is extra hard for him since basically all ...
Fun Posts
Toilet Paper terrors

Toilet Paper Terrors

Nothing to worry about Have you noticed that a lot of fears that people have are irrational?  Like, I know some people who are incredibly afraid of harmless spiders or bugs.  If one of these ...
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