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More frequently than I should, I like to pretend that I know something about something.  This happens frequently when I log into Facebook or watch the news and see posts, memes, or political arguments that I strike me as flawed or incompletely hashed out.  I like problem solving, and often have thoughts that I want to share, but Facebook doesn’t quite provide the space or venue for longer, more in-depth strings of thought (and I don’t have a chance at getting on the news anytime soon).

As an outlet for my urge to do and share my insights, I started this blog.  Since its obnoxious origins I have since add things to the blog  besides boring analysis, but I continue to use the blog as an opportunity for me to hash out topics that I think are important or relevant and put my thoughts on display. I particularly try to use the fact that anything I put here will be public and searchable for a long time as motivation to think things through thoroughly.

So here are my more analysis driven posts in reverse chronological order.  You will see from a few of the posts that I welcome, enjoy, and try to respond to feedback (though I still have a Social Security post on the backburner more than a year after that whole discussion started.  I have thoughts about what I want to do, just not the time to do it…)

F-15 and F-16 fighter jets fly over kuwait oil fields

Modern US Fighter Jet Primer

Is there a difference between all the different fighter jets you hear about? Does the Army or Navy fly fighter jets, or is it just the Air Force? How many different fighter jets does the U.S. fly ...
Stealth Durf on The Durf Blog by Kyle Durfee

Primer on Radar Stealth

In December 2016, Trump started agitating for the possibility of getting upgraded F/A-18 Super Hornets instead of fulfilling a contract for F-35 Lightning II’s. The F-35 program had long been beset by cost overruns and ...
F-35 directed by The Durf

Primer on Modern U.S. Military Aircraft

It’s an exciting time for military aircraft. Critics and congress have been battling head-to-head with top Air Force and Navy brass over some of the most technologically advanced aircraft ever created. Long before first contact with the enemy, ...
Politifact half true on The Durf blog by Kyle Durfee

3 Ways Politifact can be Politifalse

I love the idea of organizations like Politifact. These organizations fact-check the statements of politicians and other entities to explain the truth or fiction behind their claims. I think that people make better decisions when they’re better informed, ...
Getting things done myth header

The Myth of “Getting Things Done”

Time and again, the media decries gridlock in the government. Papers and pundits shout that “the government halts progress!” or “the government is broken!” or “the government can’t get anything done!” Although our hero motifs usually include ...
Rugged Landscapes Header

Rugged Landscapes Explained

Coming up with good strategies can be really hard. In 1997, Daniel A. Levinthal wrote a paper called “Adaptation on Rugged Landscapes” explaining a bit about how life works and why it makes good strategy ...
Mark Twain, if you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you're misinformed.

Silly Media

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” -Attributed to Mark Twain I used to really like TV news.  Like, when I was 12, for some reason I ...
Know your drivers taxi

Know your Drivers

I wrote this article about knowing your drivers about a year ago and forgot about it. As I moved my blog over to this new site I found it again. Enjoy!   In an earlier ...
Analysis of Rugged Landscape

“Grounding” Radical Change

You may have previously read my piece that got published in the Marriott Student Review about Refining Porter’s Five Forces. I recently remembered that I had also written this guy for the MSR. This one ...
Cymbal market in 10 forces

Further Examples of the 10 Forces

This is an extension of my post about refining Porter’s Five Forces.  Read the post here before reading this one. Further Examples: Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) Market Let’s take a look at the carbonated soft ...
Jerk Face on charitable giving

Tips for Charitable Giving

BYU Anti-Human Trafficking Club I’m surprised I haven’t already written this one since I’ve done so much on this topic already.  Having done two internships for non-profit organizations (Polaris Project and Eagle Condor) and worked ...
All odd spacecraft are weather balloons according to the government

Ethics and Snowden

When I was taking my business ethics class, I was often surprised to hear others mention that it must be easy.  After all, ethics has to be easy, it’s just about choosing right over wrong! ...

In Defense of Modesty

Ok, so there’s been a recent wave of modesty stuff going around on Facebook (again, I think this is the third time this topic has gone viralish.)  It seems to have started with this video: ...
Although Self-interested does not mean selfish, this guy is a selfish jerk

Self-Interested Does Not Mean Selfish

When People Hear “Self-Interested,” They Often Think of Jerks “Self-interest” tends to be an ugly phrase among non-economists (particularly sociologists to my limited experience.)  For many people it implies screwing other people over, taking advantage ...
Higher cost of buying sex without backpage

Sex Trafficking on Backpage Debate

Background is the second largest classified ad website after Craigslist.  Like Craigslist used to, Backpage has a section for adult ads and content.  Many “pimps” use the site to advertise women that they control ...
Keep Calm and Pay More Taxes

Federal vs Household Budgets

I saw the following message about federal vs household budgets floating around Facebook like crazy during the election when the federal budget was popular to talk about.  With the fiscal cliff stuff going on, I’ve ...
Professor Ponzi Scheme

Social “Ponzi Scheme” Security

I’ve occasionally made passing comments about how similar the Social Security system is to a Ponzi Scheme.  Unfortunately some politicians have done the same, but only after pulling some benefits from it to pay for ...
Spiderman at a desk with only 28,800 seconds left of work

Money as No Object

How many of you have engaged in the fight to decide what you should do for your career?  As a college student, it seems to be the ultimate vexing problem of everyone without a job ...
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