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The Myth of “Getting Things Done”

Time and again, the media decries gridlock in the government. Papers and pundits shout that “the government halts progress!” or “the government is broken!” or “the government can’t get anything done!” Although our hero motifs usually include ...
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New Zealand Trip Header with Maoris

Trip to New Zealand

Day 1 After my aunt and uncle picked up Janet and I from the airport, our first stop in New Zealand was a public park called One Tree Hill. I knew that sheep heavily outnumber ...
Rugged Landscapes Header

Rugged Landscapes Explained

Coming up with good strategies can be really hard. In 1997, Daniel A. Levinthal wrote a paper called “Adaptation on Rugged Landscapes” explaining a bit about how life works and why it makes good strategy ...
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Salter in the Snow header

Salter in the Snow

I try to show kindness toward everyone, but I often wonder if I have some sort of inner-barbarian that needs to rage upon a victim. I won’t let the barbarian pillage any villages, so he ...