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Higher cost of buying sex without backpage

Sex Trafficking on Backpage Debate

Background is the second largest classified ad website after Craigslist.  Like Craigslist used to, Backpage has a section for adult ads and content.  Many “pimps” use the site to advertise women that they control ...
Keep Calm and Pay More Taxes

Federal vs Household Budgets

I saw the following message about federal vs household budgets floating around Facebook like crazy during the election when the federal budget was popular to talk about.  With the fiscal cliff stuff going on, I’ve ...
Professor Ponzi Scheme

Social “Ponzi Scheme” Security

I’ve occasionally made passing comments about how similar the Social Security system is to a Ponzi Scheme.  Unfortunately some politicians have done the same, but only after pulling some benefits from it to pay for ...
Spiderman at a desk with only 28,800 seconds left of work

Money as No Object

How many of you have engaged in the fight to decide what you should do for your career?  As a college student, it seems to be the ultimate vexing problem of everyone without a job ...