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Monkeys as a spectacle in Peru

Peru Post 3: The Spectacle

Recently, I went to the local natural preserve area (zoo), called Quistococha.  I saw some monkeys (including escaped monkeys,) an anaconda, a bunch of Pumas, and quite a few animals I had never heard of ...
Alligator in Peru wanting

Peru Post 2: The Wanting

I’m still out in Peru!  This post sort of sprang out as a result of my conversations with the people here and thinking about development.  You won’t necessarily learn a lot more about Peru, but ...
Peru Trip boating on the Amazon

Peru Trip Post 1

Right now I’m in Iquitos, Peru.  I’m doing an evaluation for an organization called Eagle Condor, helping set them up to be able to tell which parts of their program are important at helping people ...
Although Self-interested does not mean selfish, this guy is a selfish jerk

Self-Interested Does Not Mean Selfish

When People Hear “Self-Interested,” They Often Think of Jerks “Self-interest” tends to be an ugly phrase among non-economists (particularly sociologists to my limited experience.)  For many people it implies screwing other people over, taking advantage ...