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Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion in Japan

Trip to Japan

Trip to Japan, Day 1 We woke up at ~1:30am to start our adventure to Japan (why did we even sleep?) After getting ready, we caught an Uber to the airport, making it by ~3:00am. ...
Stealth Durf on The Durf Blog by Kyle Durfee

Primer on Radar Stealth

In December 2016, Trump started agitating for the possibility of getting upgraded F/A-18 Super Hornets instead of fulfilling a contract for F-35 Lightning II’s. The F-35 program had long been beset by cost overruns and ...
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Close up of The David by Michelangelo

Trip to Italy

Day 1 After a brief layover in Munich, Janet and I began our Italian adventure in Venice. We walked a few minutes from the airport to the boat terminals, since the original (and interesting) part of Venice ...
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Resume Checklist for The Durf

Resume Checklist

I’ve reviewed a bunch of resumes by now, and many of them suffer from the same problems. I’ve consolidated many of the things that people can improve on to this checklist. I recommend going through it ...
F-35 directed by The Durf

Primer on Modern U.S. Military Aircraft

It’s an exciting time for military aircraft. Critics and congress have been battling head-to-head with top Air Force and Navy brass over some of the most technologically advanced aircraft ever created. Long before first contact with the enemy, ...
Politifact half true on The Durf blog by Kyle Durfee

3 Ways Politifact can be Politifalse

I love the idea of organizations like Politifact. These organizations fact-check the statements of politicians and other entities to explain the truth or fiction behind their claims. I think that people make better decisions when they’re better informed, ...