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You are special with The Durf on Specialization

Specialization in consulting

Consulting hopefuls often ask me about specialization. Some ask in hopes of locking themselves to a topic they feel passionate about. Others want to make sure they won’t get stuck in something they don’t like. ...
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Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion in Japan

Trip to Japan

Trip to Japan, Day 1 We woke up at ~1:30am to start our adventure to Japan (why did we even sleep?) After getting ready, we caught an Uber to the airport, making it by ~3:00am. ...
Stealth Durf on The Durf Blog by Kyle Durfee

Primer on Radar Stealth

In December 2016, Trump started agitating for the possibility of getting upgraded F/A-18 Super Hornets instead of fulfilling a contract for F-35 Lightning II’s. The F-35 program had long been beset by cost overruns and ...
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Close up of The David by Michelangelo

Trip to Italy

Day 1 After a brief layover in Munich, Janet and I began our Italian adventure in Venice. We walked a few minutes from the airport to the boat terminals, since the original (and interesting) part of Venice ...