Sombrero man on International Clarity: Mexico

International Clarity: Mexico (from Diva Garcia)

This week’s guest author: Diva Garcia

¡Viva México!

At the beginning of this “International Clarity Experiment” Sear Rodriguez explained wonderfully about all the myths and stereotypes other countries have of México, so he did an amazing job covering that, I thought what am I going to write about? I came up with this straight from my heart.

Ok, so let’s start… what’s the first thing that pops in your head when you think of the word “Mexican”?
I bet you thought of him right?
Oh Juan… I personally love this photo because it shows the attitude of a Mexican, happy, jolly, and loud… but anyway, let get back to the point.
I Googled it in some languages (to get a broader view of my point)

‘Mexican’ (English)

‘Mexicain’ (French)

‘Mexicaan’ (Dutch)

Funny! right? We are one of those races that carry a HUGE stereotype… the big sombrero, mustache, sleeping everywhere, passed out by drinking the whole time…I’m pretty sure that kind of “Mexicans” exist, but they exist in every nationality. Don’t get me wrong, we use sombreros and my mom has a poncho somewhere in the house, but let me tell you we don’t go around life dressed like that, it’s like you won’t see Miss México doing the “Jarabe Tapatio” for the talent contest.

I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in California, and I was often compared to other ‘Mexicans’; I got some “but you’re not short or brown” (said with a confused look in their eyes), “you’re pretty for a mexican” (mmmm thanks… I guess?). Once I got pulled over for speeding – in my defense we were like 40 min late for a meeting, so don’t judge me – and the officer when read García in my license looked at me and said “you’re ‘Mexican’?” and started talking to me real loud and slow in English even if I was answering his questions back in fluent English (bless his heart).
During my time in CA I wouldn’t spend a day without the funny stereotypical questions like:
Have you ever been in the States before?
Do you have current water?
What happens if someone gets sick?
What’s your first name? Maria? Lupe?
Do you know what a DVD is?… what you call it?? Mmmm dee vee dee, just add the mexican accent.
My favorite was when someone asked me how a ‘Mexican’ wedding was; I got all serious and began to describe how we all got together in a big bonfire then our parents would take out the snakes as we all dance away the night, this guy was so shocked! I got a good laugh of it.
This is a photo of my wedding; see… no snakes or anything funky going on, just 3 pretty girls, not just ‘pretty for a Mexican’, let me tell you; Ari (the one on the left) has a PhD in Microbiology something, professor at the UANL (state University top 3 in México) and in her spare time travels the world; Diva (me, the bride) – yes… my name is Diva and not Lupe – I’m a College graduate with a Marketing & Communication Bachelors. And the one on the right is Nena, she is an awesome single mom of 3, professional hair stylist worked for a TV Channel and has worked in the States. Not your first thought of a ‘Mexican’ right? And we all speak fluent English, no need to talk loud and slow. P.S. No Mariachi playing at my wedding neither.

So, why all the misconceptions about México and Mexicans? Well, I guess a “normal” ‘Mexican’ dressed as regular civilian is not as funny as SpeedyGonzalez, many years ago we were that revolutionary people, carrying guns, fighting government, riding horses, wait… I guess we still are; except for the guns and the horses.

México is a rich country in culture; it amazes me our heritage, the fighting, the courage, the love, the people. We are very social, we’re used to be in groups … large groups, our families are huge and we are a caring loving people, we usually say “thank you” by feeding you so please if a Mexican is trying to make you eat against your will, you eat! It doesn’t matter if beans and tortillas is the only thing we have if we love you, we’ll feed you!
Oh yeah… if it fits in a tortilla we’ll make a taco of it.
And México is not as dangerous as everyone believes; I read someplace that the Crime rate is higherin Washington, DC than Mexico City (even if México City is full of Mexicans).
On the other hand México has the most beautiful beaches in the world and you have to agree with me when I say ‘Mexican’ food is just the best! I mean… REAL ‘Mexican’ food; when I lived in CA as a missionary people would ask me “what you miss the most?” and with no hesitate I always answered the food!… sorry mom.
We are very passionate people, have you seen a Futbol game (I’m talking about a REAL football game… the one that is played with your feet) we get so involved in it; we rejoice if we win, we cry if we don’t. How cool is that? We embrace a cause and we do our best to make it happen…that’s why many of our “paisanos” leave their homes and just work their lives off to give a better life to their loved ones, that is passion (not trying to be controversial or anything)
Yes as every country my glorious México has its ups and downs, we’re still a third world country, not every state, city or town has all the proper services required for a nice living but we are considered an Advanced Emerging Market which means we’re on the right track (still not trying to get controversial).
In conclusion, don’t go with the stereotypes… yes they’re cute and funny but it’s just a misconception of a better reality.
And for those who fear us, most of us are actually quite nice, take a vacation here. Go to Chihuahua, Guanajuato, Chiapas, San Luis Potosí and Mexico City; keep an eye on your wallet though.
Yeah if you’re blond and gringo, they might think you’re rich… but here’s a tip tell them you’re from Chihuahua (they’re tall, blond and talk funny) and tell them you don’t have money; who knows they might end up feeding you.
Diva Marlene García Vidaña (yes… we have loooong names) , born and raised in Monterrey, México.

As a bonus please enjoy this is a video made to promote my hometown; Monterrey. Placed right below Texas, not a very touristic city it’s very industrial though; over 175 Universities, 30 malls and 41 museums are here.

From Kyle again:

If you have experience in both the U.S. and another country (for at least 3 months in each spot) and would like to write a post, email me at and I can send you more information.  Thanks!

Keep seeking truth.

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