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10 Weird Songs That Get Stuck in My Head

Dr. Demento
I’m happy to say that no
Dr. Demento songs made it.
Although they certainly
qualify as weird…

This blog post will probably not enrich your life, but it might introduce you to a catchy tune.  Here are 10 songs that I classify as “weird” and that at one point or another have been stuck in my head for an extended period of time.  I don’t even like a lot of these songs, but that didn’t stop them from dominating my mind.

10.  Genius in France by “Weird” Al

Maybe it’s cheating to use songs by a guy that makes “weird” part of his name, but I’m counting it.  This is just a long song about different ways to call people dumb.  It isn’t that funny really, but it has a bunch of different catchy motifs that make their way in to my mind and simply refuse to leave.

9. Music from Animusic

I’m calling this weird because it’s music done in an animated fashion.  That’s not typical of most music.  Also, it gets stuck in my head.

8. Trapped in the Drive Through by “Weird” Al

This is the last “Weird” Al song that made the cut.  This is another really long one, about a couple trying to figure out what to have for dinner.  Obviously, they end up at the drive-through.  Cool, huh?
Although the two “Weird” Al songs are both really long, the one long song of his that I like didn’t make the cut.  His song “Albuquerque” just wasn’t catchy enough.

7. Violin by They Might Be Giants

I don’t really know how to describe this one.  Just watch the video and you’ll see why it qualified as weird.  They Might Be Giants (that’s the name of the band) does weird stuff a lot, but this was extra weird.

6. Ringa Ringa by A.R. Rahman

This one comes from the Slumdog Millionaire CD.  I suppose I’m counting it as weird because it’s in one of the Indian dialects, and you just don’t get that in America very much.  I actually haven’t even seen Slumdog Millionaire, but I heard some of the music somewhere and looked up the rest.  This lead me to looking up lots of stuff by A.R. Rahman.  That guy is pretty good.

5. The “bah-bah” song at the end of the New Way to be Human album by Switchfoot

You have to get to the end of the video to hear the part I’m talking about.  Fortunately I first heard it at the end of the album instead of on the video, so whenever this song gets stuck in my head, it’s not accompanied by images of them pulling off well crafted masks.

4. I’d Rather Eat Randy by Julian Smith

I really wish this video had never come into my life.  It’s just so weird.  The creepy kind of weird.  Like, why is Randy so happy about being eaten?  That should make him at least slightly disgruntled.  I guess anything based off of the 80’s is probably going to creep me out.  Thank you, 90’s, for bringing us good things like Rugrats.  And, um, the…Backstreet Boys.  Probably.

3. Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine

I’m sure someone won’t like that I classified this as a “weird” song, but that’s the way it sounds to me.  The squeaky thing in the background, the stuff he’s talking about, and how serious he sounds while doing it all combine to make it “weird.”  The problem is that it’s one of the catchier songs I’ve heard.
Obviously, I don’t endorse (or like) all of the people or organizations advocated by the song.  I also hope there’s nothing bad or offensive in the song that I’m missing. For all I know, they make implied comments about terrible things or what not.  It is from the 80’s after all (it was originally written by Afrika Bambaataa, the version listed here is just a cover,) so I probably don’t get it.

2. The Distance by Cake

I love this song.  I loved it so much that I made a Pandora station on it.  That’s actually what got me introduced to the Renegades of Funk song at number 3.  I’m not sure that everyone would count this song as weird, but I think the lyrics are just odd enough to qualify.  I think most of Cake’s song qualify as weird quite honestly.

1. Goofy Goober from the Spongebob Movie

I actually have to admit that I like this song.  It’s weird, it has some sweet, sweet guitar jams, and it saved Bikini Bottom.  What more can you ask for in a song?  Nothing, that’s what.  It’s perfect.

Yup.  Good blog post everyone.  I suppose a non-serious one is healthy from time to time (that one about dating is totally serious.  Probably.)

Keep, um…seeking…truth.  I guess.  Try seeking somewhere besides here.

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