It’s time to reorganize the U.S. military

Our Military Today comes from Yesterday As I covered in my last post, not a lot has changed in our military structure since President Truman signed into law the National Security Act of 1947. This ...

Current U.S. military reorganization efforts primer

Primer on Radar Stealth

US Military Aircraft: Current Controversies

Primer on Modern U.S. Military Aircraft

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You are special with The Durf on Specialization

Specialization in consulting

Consulting hopefuls often ask me about specialization. Some ask in hopes of locking themselves to a topic they feel passionate about. Others want to make sure they won’t get stuck in something they don’t like. ...
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Just for Fun

Salter in the Snow

I try to show kindness toward everyone, but I often wonder if I have some sort of inner-barbarian that needs to rage upon a victim. I won’t let the barbarian pillage any villages, so he ...

Kevin and Kyle Perform “Jenny”

Per tradition, I started off with a nice sample of Taylor Swift. I’ve done that with all of my talent show performances. The actual performance was of “Jenny” by Flight of the Conchords. Performed April 2015 ...

Brothers of Others Performance at Reign of Music

Brothers of Others Performs Just thought I would share our recent performance at Reign of Music (formerly Guitars Unplugged). It was our first time publicly performing “New Memory.” Brothers of Others Facebook page

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